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Dyplast Composites, a division of Dyplast Products, has been  manufacturing closed cell rigid foam products for over 50  years, serving North America, the Caribbean, and northern  South America. Dyplast Composite core foams can be  manufactured in large dimensions, up to 4 feet wide and 20  feet long. Polyurethane and polystyrene foam cores  have excellent strength to weight ratios, are moisture resistant  with excellent dimensional stability, and be  fabricated to close tolerances
Composite Foam Cores
Dyplast Composites manufactures high-quality polyurethane, and polystyrene core foams with excellent structural integrity from 1 up to 7.5 lb/ft3 for a multitude of applications.
Dyplast manufactures modified lightweight polyurethane (PUR) rigid foam bunstock that has a slightly different ratio of polyol to MDI. This modified urethane core foam is referred to as polyisocyanurate (PIR), and has improved dimensional stability, better strength characteristics, exceptional moisture resistance, and superior thermal insulating values. We cut the buns into sheets or blocks with highly accurate dimensions.
Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is manufactured in large blocks 20 ft x 48 in x 40 in, and then cut in sheets or blocks or to virtually any shape. EPS is lightweight and typically offered in 2 lb/ft3 density, but 1-1.5 is possible. Polystyrene foam cores are less friable tham PIR of the same density and are more forgiving when flexed into curves. EPS is also generally less expensive that polyisocyanurate.
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